A couple of months ago I started having a very sporadic electrical gremlin pop up then go away...the instrument background lights, front parking light and tail running light would not come on upon engine start up. Turn signals, headlight and brakelight would still work. Sometimes all it took was to turn off and restart the bike and they would come back on...other times, they would come on within a few minutes of riding the bike. Have not ridden much at night, so was a low priority as I worked on (and enjoyed riding) my 91 R100 cafe project. Of course, Mr. Murphy's Law of bad outcomes kicked in as I ended up riding home after dark from LaGrande to Portland yesterday, and the lights would not on. Luckily, my Remington LED flashlight has an intense red light setting, and I bungied it to my rear rack, creating an effective rear running light (Mr. John Law passed me without slowing down, so it served its purpose to get me home). Of course, when I stopped for gas when almost home, my instruments and taillight came back on!

I assume I have a loose connection somewhere, maybe in the ignition switch (the instrument, front parking and taillights work when the ignition switch is in the middle parking light mode). Before I start checking connections, wanted to see if anyone had experience this particular problem or had advice on where to start diagnosing? many thanks!