My bike (with 74,000 km on it) was working fine prior to doing a synchronization with the GS-911 today.

As part of routine maintenance, I thought I would check the synchronization, so I connected the GS-911 using my laptop and I believe I followed the directions as prompted by the GS-911. I used two mercury columns from my mercury four column manometer for the balancer.

Before doing the synchronization I calibrated the exhaust flap successfully.

As it turned out, I actually didn't make any adjustments whatsoever to the bike's two throttle body cables as the differential pressures at idle, and at 1400 - 1800 rpm, were within specification, as per the BMW Repair Manual DVD.

When I finished the calibration procedure, the laptop said the procedure was successful. But in reality it was not successful, because when I finished the procedure the engine is now steadily surging back and forth between about 1500 to 2000 rpm, so the bike is not idling normally, and it is not driveable.

There were no fault codes before I started and there are no fault codes now.

When I attempted the synchronization procedure again, the engine runs normally when the idle actuators are locked during the procedure, but when they are unlocked, at the start of the procedure, and at the end of the procedure, the engine surging starts.

After the problem arose, I did some other things with the GS_911, and the GS-911 says that it successfully performed the idle actuation calibration, as well as the idle actuator test 1 and test 2, as well as the electric fuel pump test, as well as the injector 1 and injector 2 tests.

During the synchronization procedure, I ran the bike at idle, and I also sped the engine up a bit with the twist grip to check the pressure differential between 1400 to 1800 rpm, as per the BMW Repair DVD...would my moving of the twist grip have screwed something up? Is there a way of "re-calibrating the twist grip?

I have started the engine several times since, thinking it might "reset" itself, but the problem is still there.

Can anybody please help me out?

Thank you.

Dave McDougall
2011 R1200GS