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Not to continue the Hijack but...the 914 & 914/6 never received much acclaim , {IMO} because of the VW connection ? But I always liked them...particularly the /6 of course !
Correct me if I'm wrong but they actually handled better than the 911 ? I only drove one once...so I'm no expert. Drove a "71" Carrera RSR once as well.....WoW!
Not to even further continue the hijack but... yes, the 914s handled better than the 911s. Basically because of the weight distribution due to the mid-engine concept. And of, course, the snooty Porsche purists snubbed them, because of the VW connection. But even in the stock form with the 2.0L 110hp flat six, the 914/6 ate the 2.2L 911 for lunch , unless you had the "S" version with 50 hp more than the 914.
Porsche had a plan to remedy this with a 916, which was shown at the Paris Auto Show and then pulled just before introduction. 20 were built. This would be the one. But I would settle for my GT back also. Just 250 made.