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Thread: Close call.....not Bambi, Yogi !!!

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    Close call.....not Bambi, Yogi !!!

    Sat. morning comming home from a ride up north on the K12RS I happend on a county road close to home that somehow I've never been on. Flying low down a long hill I had noticed a small park and boat launch just before crossing a bridge and pulling out of my dive. I have got to come back and check this out.

    Sun. morning, heading back on the R11RSL, running through a wooded area at about 75, meeting an oncomming pickup. We were both running pretty much down the center, both of us gave room, we passed, I checked my mirror, and when I looked up!! Could not believe my eyes. About a 300# black bear high tailing it across the road 30 yds in front of me. He was still on the pavement as I passed.

    This is not bear country at all so you can imagine my suprise. Well, I guess it IS.

    Tim (sorry, no pics of said bear.....or undergarments)

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    big animals make me so nervous. for the last two weeks in the morning on my way to work there have been two fawns off to the right in the median near an exit and every morning i see them i get real nervous that their mom is gonna bolt out of the woods in front of me

    glad to hear you made it through that bear trap

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    close call...not bambi,yogi

    I admit to a little paranoia about deer myself when i ride narrow country lanes, but my closest scare was an unexpected attack by a horse and rider.

    I saw them ahead coming towards me at a slow walk, i slowed down to 10mph and moved over to the far right, all seemed calm and under control until abreast of them the horse charged my bike (couldn't have been after me unless the ATGATT scared him) I goosed it and just cleared his charge because I was not thinking he would with a rider up. Whew!

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