Hello All,

This July I got a 92 R100R that needed lots of help. I fixed all the electrics and started on the mechanicals after lots of work she is running good, or so I thought. I have a friend with a dyno and strapped it down to get a reading on my A/F ratio. It turned out to be 10.5:1 though the entire rev range way to FAT! I did rebuild the carbs with a Bing kit, all the jets are the correct size and I started at the base settings for the carbs. The starting circuit is built correct, on the proper sides and are adjusted to go fully off. The floats are in good nick and correct height. I could lean it back some with the mixture screw but not enough. I checked and adjusted the valves and the carbs sync well at idle and 3500 RPM and she is getting about 38 MPG. I have heard that the jet needle can wear and cause a rich condition but would it do it through the entire range? Or should it only go rich 1/2 throttle and more with bad needles? The plugs look a bit rich evenly on both sides.

Thanks for your time and help.