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Thread: Trade up to ABS question

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    Nick Kennedy
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    Trade up to ABS question

    Hi Gents
    So I've got a 1990 K75 RT. Love it
    My Friend has a 1991 K75 RT with ABS . Both with 20 k on the odometer, both in excellent condition.
    I want ABS, bad.

    My question is, Does this early ABS system on that 1991 bike generally work well?
    Is it worth the hassle to sell my 1990 and buy his? He does want to sell it.

    Thanks in advance
    Nick Kennedy

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    The ABS on mine works well. It is noisier and less seamless than the later versions, but gets the job done.

    91 K75RT ABS

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    Dum vivimus vivamus ted's Avatar
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    Funny you mention this. A few weeks ago I was following a new Tahoe on my '94 K75RT across the Virginia countryside on a straight but narrow 2-lane road boardered by stone walls and thick trees. I am not a fast or agressive rider, i usually keep about three car lengths distance. For some reason at or around the 50mph posted speed limit the driver suddenly and without any notice slammed on the brakes 100% and went into full ABS. I followed suit, and got to experience Gen-1 ABS in its full splendor for the first time. I came to a stop about 10' behind the Tahoe, which then proceeded to do a 6-point U-turn. As the Tahoe was finishing the back up, pull forward and turn, repeat, I noticed the driver was a teen male with his window down - I shouted out, "you almost killed me you stupid ass$&@$!". I then noticed what must have been the father in the passenger seat, who yelled back, "yes he did, I am so sorry!" And with that they were gone.

    I LOVE ABS. The bike stopped quicker than I could have imagined, stayed straight as an arrow, and was completely under control at all times. Unlike the Gen-2 I had on my K1100RS which felt like a shuddering vibration, the GEN-1 is a slower modulation and you can feel the wheels' on/off modulation. That said, it works. It works splendidly!

    One thing to consider, and I thought a lot about this close call the rest of the day - the brake systems on newer cars are astoundingly good. Which is great if you are in one stopping to avoid something ahead of you, not so great if you are following on a non-ABS bike even at a very safe distance.
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    Nick Kennedy
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    Telluride Colorado
    Thanks for the response guys.
    I think I will pursue this trade up.
    I've read in a couple of articles that ABS is the way to go to help keep you much safer.
    Nick Kennedy
    ps Look for a low mile 1990 K75 posted for sale shortly! Great condition!

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    I've been very satisfied with the ABS on my 1993 K75RT so far. While I've not had the occasion to use it in an on-road situation, I've tested it on both wet and dry pavement in parking lots and it functions very well. A bit on the clunky side (especially the rear) as others have said but effective.

    '93 K75RT

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    Kein Nasebohrer RBEmerson's Avatar
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    FYI, in Germany (and I suspect EU) ABS is now mandatory for all new bikes above (100? 250?)cc. ABS - don't leave home without it.
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    I had a 1993 K1100lt with ABS that I used once avoiding a collision. Worked as advertised. That's the good. The bad is that the last 4 years I owned the bike the computer was dead and very expensive to repair. I took a '94 k75 RT in trade this year with working ABS. This has 92K on it. T picked up a '94 k75rt with 28K on it as well as a'97 K1100kt with 12K, both of which have nonfunctioning ABS. Something to think about. But I do love my BRICKS!

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    Just to pile on -

    Several Saturdays ago - a mom in a Barbie SUV took a crazy Ivan left in front of me at an intersection - chatting on her cell and from what I can remember no turn signal.

    2004 KGT - full brakes - ABS activated - no stayed in a straight line, upright rear tire chirped once and it was like the hand of god reached out and slowed me down. That's the beauty of the ABS system - it works silently and unobtrusively when you need it.

    Without ABS I would have hit her rear passenger side fender about at the wheel.

    Trade up.

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    ABS will add a little weight to the bike, but it is worth it. It is always turned on. You don't have to worry about it. The only hassle that I have found is that bleeding the brakes takes more time. If there is a problem with the ABS system, your inst. cluster will light up like a X-Mas tree to tell you.
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    When you get your K75RT ABS, be sure to do a thorough examination and cleaning of the electrical connections of the ABS control box. Many times, when a G1 ABS goes kaput, it's due to loose or dirty connectors. My '93 K1100RS ABS went offline when I was exiting from an interstate at 70+ mph. Never did get it to come back online. A few months after I sold it, a fellow MOA member posted how he'd gotten his ABS to function after failing. This is the post:

    Here's another useful information source for Gen 1 ABS owners:

    BTW, I love ABS and my 2008 Suzuki Bandit 1250 is equipped with it.
    Mark Rooney
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