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Thread: 1993 k1100 lt

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    1993 k1100 lt

    Hi all. I heard good things about the k bikes, so I bought a 1993 kLt. with 94k miles . The bike looks and runs great. I think it needs steering heads bearings. I hope Its has to do just with the tires air pressure. Any ways, I 'm open to any advise about how to do the bearings. Also any other advise that can help to keep this beauty in good running condition for many years. thanks

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    Steering head bearings

    I just replaced mine in a high miles 1993 K1100LT. Put the bike on the center stand and put weight on the rear of the bike to put the front end off the ground. Move the handle bars off center and feel for a wear spot on the bearing rollers and race when bars are centered. A centered notch will indicate a need to replace the upper and lower bearings and races. I used BMW parts but later found All Balls makes replacement bearings at a significant discount. Removing/reinstalling the races is a bit tricky but doable. These are great bikes... Keep them going!

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