Hello, my 2006 LT (25K miles) is having ABS/Power brake problems. I have the solid red triangle and flashing (quickly) Brake Failure sign. Ever now and then it will work for a short while, but then stop again.

I have done a complete flush and fill, checked the battery, etc. I was wondering if anyone near Augusta, GA has a GS911 reader that I could use if I came to your location. I spoke to Tyler at ModuleMaster today and he hopes to have the rebuild process working on our ABS3 modules by Dec, but mentioned if I could get a read out from the computer, that he might be able to help me diagnose the problem before Dec.

My nearest shop is 2 hours away (Touring Sport in Greenville, SC) and I'm not opposed to going there instead (heard the shop reader gives more info that the GS-911), but just thought I'd see if anyone was closer than that before deciding.

Thanks for the time.

Augusta, GA area