Writing to confirm and notate for any of you folks planning to attend the Black Diamond Beemers RALLY IN THE POCONOS next week.

The MOA ON magazine has a mis-print: that is, the dates in the magazine show the Rally being held on September 12 - 15.

That is INCORRECT!! Please do not show up on 9/12 - the Camp will not let you in.

The CORRECT dates for the Rally in the Poconos are 9/13 (Friday) thru 9/15 (Sunday).

There is NO early arrival - please do not show up on THURSDAY. Again, the Camp will not let you in.

There has been some confusion as a result of the mis-print - I hope this clarifies for you all.

Thanks for "listening"!

The BDB hopes to see you at our Rally!!

President, Black Diamond Beemers