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You know it sounds like maybe your shop is treating your 1150 like an older and simpler 1100 with ABS. On my '94 R1100RSL it is not necessary to remove the tank and directly bleed the ABS modulator just bleed and flush the brakes by using only the front and rear wheel bleeders. Needless to say I like the ABS on my '94 much more than the system that WAS on my '04 1150RT. Notice that I use the word "was" as a couple years ago the entire ABS system somehow just disappeared from my '04. Odds are I will regret having removed the ABS system from the '04 when I attempt to sell the big top heavy beast.
Correct, but if you really want to get ALL the fluid changed, you must still remove the tank and pull some fluid thru both bleed nipples at the top of the ABS unit itself. (ABS II units)