I just dug deep in my purse to buy a GEZA cover for my GSA. Ive had too many covers all my life and most have been less than perfect, from my cheapy ones to my BMW ones Ive purchased thru the years. Just no more, even at a BIG price tag, I wont buy any more after this one it appears. These are custom made for each model and gear added to your particular bike. I wont have it for two weeks plus, but their best cover I ordered for extreme adventurism I do and it sounds like the ticket for end of the world scenarios I may ride in. BMWON had a quick writeup on these this past month and I also have the military interest they have seemed to have grabbed ahold of in their past and present. My kid flies a Navy F18, so all the USAF F16 Pilots should be happy for cooler GEZA COVER cockpits. Navy needs to catch up in this regard, I try. As a parent of one of our BEST that step up for this country and serve, I will get my kids F18 a GEZA cover per whomever it takes to get r done. They currently park ALL our most expensive fighters in the weather, hot sun and this makes for some uncomfy pilots.....The Navy always has a quick answer to compare to USAF, WE'RE tougher and don't need such!!! Well, stupid is as stupid does and protecting our best gear from SUN and all the damage it does is not to joke about. Carrier duty is indeed a tough job for Navy pilot and aircraft, but all the times on shore, parking some of our best resources out in weather with no protection seems to beg for problems. MY GSA will live a tad better very soon, at a very serious pricetag for a cover, but look around and protect one of your most prized possessions. Your baby, BMW...Randy