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Thread: I'm Beginning to Think About Maybe Considering New Tires

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockbottom View Post

    So a little duck tape or shoe goo may get you a few more miles while you are thinking?????
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    Quote Originally Posted by sibud View Post
    I hope to do the same. Sure would help the pocket book if I was getting that kind of mileage out of a rear.

    My name is Bud and I have a problem with my right wrist.
    I am at least the equivalent of two up, so that mileage is even more amazing.
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    To quote the great American Poet, Jimmy Buffett (in the album "Fruitcakes") ...

    "Indecision may or may not be my problem ..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by kewlmoose View Post
    I had 2 sets of Z6's do that, running Michelin Pilots now.
    Dunlop sportmax also worked well when the last Z6 left me stranded.
    Quote Originally Posted by sibud View Post
    The Pilot Road 3's I'm putting on look like this.

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    Those little dots will show tread wear in the middle of the tire and hopefully will indicate when I should change them for new ones.
    When it finally IS time for new skins...
    You MIGHT consider the Michelins.
    I'm lovin the PR3s on my K1200.
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    Pilot road 3's

    Reading the tire review in the ON this April I went to Michelin PR3's as they indicated good tire wear and good wet road traction. I just went over 6000 miles and they look great. My master mechanic Dave peters at Pensacola BMW also recommended them. Great traction, quite, smooth, and so far long lasting. I've ran. Perrille, 6000 miles, continentals, 4000 miles and metzlers, 6000 miles. So far PR3's are giving me the best overall value.
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