I've decided very late to head out on a Four Corner Ride leaving Waukesha, WI Monday Sept 9. (I've had an interim assignment fall through so find myself with a free month). The folks at SCMA have been GREAT in accommodating my last minute, overnight of forms, and making this 'legal' and possible.

My proposed route is Washington, California, Florida, Maine.

I'm heading on Interstate 90 to Spokane, then through the Cascades to corner one. I'm thinking about 700-800 for the first couple days simply to get to 'the good stuff' riding and starting the official 'tour' sometime Thursday Sept 12. If anyone along this route is interested in joining for a day or half day, let me know and we can see if that can work out.

After Blaine, WA, I'm heading south on Hwy 5, then heading onto route 20 for the ferry at Coupeville-Port Townsend, and then down 101, crossing into Oregon by Astoria. I'm planning on heading down 101 the length of Oregon (is this wise?). I'd like to hit a stop at Redwood National Park and then down into CA along the coast on 101 to Hwy 1 into San Francisco. After that, I'm still up in the air, most likely trying to get through/around/anyway around LA to get to corner 2.

Any thoughts? I'm not in a hurry, but also don't plan on stopping at every turnout for photos. If you have ideas, thoughts, want to join for a day or half day, please let me know.

Dave 262-893-6006