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    Jesse Luggage

    Is Jesse Luggage still in business ? Tried twice to contact through email, and both times i get a flag saying not available ?

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    Telephone contact is best, but try this. I bought a set last October.
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    Very much still in business. They were linked up with a "distributor" for a while but that marriage has ended in a divorce. They are now doing their own marketing again.

    Their website (today) gives as an email contact and (623) 878-7113 as the phone number.
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    They were in Salem, still alive and strong. Known him for decades, had six+ BMWs with his gear and he usually calls back in a day or so. Glendale,AZ is their home. Randy

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    Thanks to all...I was considering a set for my Roadster. But before I throw out the big bucks, I brought down from my storage loft a set of Bates bags. Mocked one up yesterday and it looks nice.{IMO} so I'm going to fab up some mounts and see ? If they work out ? & it looks like they will. The rear of the motorcycle will be near six inches more narrow. And yet they have ample room. Never was a fan of the system bags.


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