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Thread: Need Help! Vario panniers will not expand on my 2005 r1200gs.

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    Need Help! Vario panniers will not expand on my 2005 r1200gs.

    I am having trouble trying to expand my Vario panniers. I have not tried to expand them in a long while and when I try to expand them the lever will not provide enough force to make them expand. I hear a popping noise if I keep pressing on the lever so I stop pushing. I did double check to make sure that they are not already expanded.

    Any idea how to get them working properly? Not sure what the popping noise is. It looks like the plastic covering the gears and cam is wanting to push outward when I apply pressure.

    I am about to put them on ebay and want to get them working properly before I list them. There is no obvious damage to the cases, they still look new so I am not sure what is causing the problem

    Thanks for your help.

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    Thanks to WD40 the Vario panniers are working fine.

    Do you know of any better solution that WD40 to put on the vario panniers to keep the rubber gasket from sticking?

    I will be posting the two panniers for sale on the MOA flea market later this week. The two side cases are in excellent condition, just a couple of small scratches. I have all the mounting hardware also. The Vairo top case has some dents in the aluminum on one edge where I dropped the bike on a rocky trail. I also have the all the top case mounting hardware for sale. The panniers where NOT on the bike at the time of the drop so they are not damaged.

    One BMW key will be included in the sale.

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    Spray silicone?
    Kevin Huddy
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    Obviously I'm late chiming in but my suggestion was going to be WD40. It's worked for me!

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