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Thread: Brake -unable to pressurize or bleed '95 K75

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    Brake -unable to pressurize or bleed '95 K75

    I have a 1995 k75 with 20k miles, with ABS. After noticing a leak from the master cylinder I removed it and honed it out with 0000 steel wool. Installed it and it seemed to be ok. I have been unable to bleed or pressurize the system even when using a Harbour Freight bleeder. At this point I think I've introduced air into the ABS. There is no pressure / resistance on the pedal. I was even thinking of getting rid of the ABS because I know it would probably be easier to get this brake going again. Is the lack of pressure due to a still bad master cylinder ?
    Should I buy a new master cylinder and try that and if that doesn't work then take it to a dealer.
    Any ideas?
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