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Thread: New member from the left coast

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    New member from the left coast

    Hello All,

    I'm in California, central valley.

    Bought a new RT a few weeks ago and just had the run in service.

    I absolutely love this bike.

    I've been on the fence for several years while riding a Vstrom 1000, which is also an excellent bike though no amount of farkling can give me RT comfort and luxury.

    One thing I'm uncomfortable about was looking at the 600 mile service receipt to see they put full synthetic oil in it.

    I know about all the oil threads that go many different ways so I'm not trying to start anything new but wondered what others think about that?

    Personally I wouldn't have switched to synthetic until maybe 10,000 miles or so...

    Anyway, Hello fellow riders...

    Steve Shea

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    Hello Steve from Santa Cruz.
    Hope you like your new ride? Ya, service can be expensive. But you have a nice ride! Enjoy!

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    Welcome Steve,

    I'm way up in the North State. Lived in the Central Valley for 43 years. It's a big place, are you in the south, north or central area?

    The engine is designed for synthetic, will take a little longer for break in but that should not be a big deal. Anyway, it is not really synthetic, just a different formulation of purer oils and additives (at least that is what I got out of researching the subject). I've got 25K on a boxer, and was thinking of switching to synthetic. The advice I got from the experts was "no problem doing that, however I would probably use a little more oil between changes.

    Lkarl KJ6OCL / 2000, R1200C

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    Hey Steve...

    Congratulations on the purchase of a new's a great bike! I would also like to welcome you to the MOA, you will find this to be a terrific resource and well worth the cost of membership.

    When you get a chance, share a pic of your new machine.

    As far as synthetic at the first change it appears that most, if not all, BMW dealers are doing that now. I initially had an issue with it when I took my bike in for the break-in service but decided to go with the flow knowing it was a new factory recommendation. With today's engine design, technology, quality components and tolerances I don't think there are any reasons for concern.


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    Welcome to the MOA

    Glad to see you here and would love to see a pic of that new bike!
    Ride Well

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    I had the same concern when my dealer put synthetic oil in at my 6000 mile service this past February. When I called to ask about it I was advised the BMW had recently issued a service bulletin to that effect, so he followed it. I have to assume that BMW knows more than me.
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    Thank You

    I'm in the Central Valley. Turlock/Modesto area.

    Going to try and post a pic of Beauty and the Beast. See if you can spot the second beast.
    B&V1- half1.jpg

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    Welcome, Steve!
    Regardless of the oil used or cost of service, you have a great bike there! Let's see a pic!

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    Hi Steve!

    Outstanding choice on your new bike. I have a F650GS and it is an awesome ride; always on the road with it. I am new to the club as well, so welcome! On a side note, my wife and I are considering doing a bike tour of CA this winter. I started a thread under the "Ride Reports" forum if you can offer any suggestions. Take care and Safe riding!

    Bruce S.
    "He who hesitates, is lost". TML

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    Location, Location

    Hi Steve,

    I am living in the South end of the valley. We have a club here. Find us on Face Book GROUPS. if interested. Not to worry about the oil. No issues.

    Bill P
    Bill P

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    Hi Steve, and welcome! I live NE of Sacramento. Nice looking bike!!
    David W.
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    Welcome to the club. Its about time!

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