Hey everyone,
Just throwing this out there to see if there are others with similar thinking. I bought a 7" Galaxy Tab 2, and I intend to mount it on my bike. I've already got an Otterbox Defender, and I intend to use the ram mount system that attaches at the handlebar bolts. Couple that with a direct wire USB plug, and I think I'll be in business!

The reason behind the madness? Moto specific GPS units are crazy expensive! In a wifi only tablet with a 32gb sd card, I get gps with maps of my state, and all the states around it, 20gb of music, apps galore and a bigger screen! With bluetooth to my helmet headset (haven't settled on one yet) and I'm in business! If I need to make an emergency call while underway, I just sync the headset with my phone. Also, link the tablet to the hotspot on my phone and then I have the internet at my fingertips. I'm optomistic about the setup, and can't wait to finish gathering parts and get it going!!

Anyone else have success with a tablet for electronic moto needs?
- Randy