Have been laid up most of spring and summer with a non bike related injury. Doc said I could start riding again on 27 Aug. In preps, got out both my GSA and my 2000 R11RTP on 24 Aug to give them a quick once over, do the pre-riding checks, and fire them up. The RTP fired right up. The GSA would crank but would not start. I narrowed things down to 'no fuel' getting to cylinders. I was not hearing the fuel pump run so, ... I had Heidi all loaded up on the Kendon, ready to go to Adventure BMW, about a 30 mile drive. Having just put in a new battery, I called to check on if there was something special I needed to do that was not in the Rider's Manual. Tim told me it was not all that uncommon for the fuel pump to stick on the bike if it had not been run in a while and to pull the Fuel Pump Controller module and 'bump the pump' with a straight 12 vdc. That is what they would do first and most likely that would take care of the issue. After making sure of the proper polarity, I 'bumped the pump' four or five times and it broke free. Put everything back together and she starts and runs just fine.

Once again, I have to give a BZ (well done) to the guys at Adventure BWM, in Chesapeake, VA. They could have let me trailer it over and taken my money for such a simple item. Instead, they told me how to fix it myself. Additionally, when I have needed them to perform the work, it has always been done right the first time, in a reasonable amount of time, and at reasonable prices. What a great bunch of guys. (I have no affiliation with Adventure BMW other than as a very satisfied customer.)