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Thread: HID Headlight Conversion Kits-Your experience?

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    Question HID Headlight Conversion Kits-Your experience?

    I'm back to looking at the many HID kits out there for sale. As these are typically not specific to any model motorcycle, I'm posting here. Many kits come with adapters for various bulb bases. Some MC's like Harley & Goldwing there are bike specific kits but even though some are listed as such they are actually generic in fact.
    My particular model is a G650GS which uses a 35w H4/9003 bulb.
    There are fairly recent improvements in these kits from what I've read so far. Having researched the ebay feedbacks from many sellers there it is obvious that one must do some homework as many kits simply don't measure up. Prices are all over the place & many kits being sold are a partial of a car kit. Web Bike has a nice writeup on them from a BMW rider as did Paul Glaves awhile back in ON. There's also a recent kit install on the F650 Forum under modifications threads. many sellers are Asian & others are USA resellers of the same stuff-some having a phone,etc., others are not so informed from trying a few chats with various sellers.
    It seems that not all of the higher price point sellers necessarily offer more for your buck. Some say they're German as if that's better stuff? Phillips bulbs cost $30 ea more than the Asian ones & have a double glass tube which is said to be better based on the UV glass used as preventing deterioration of the plastic HL lens? One seller I called (the OP's seller from the f650 forum) said it was the heat with no mention of UV but her Chinese accent(?) clouded the conversation. It was clear that she was not a tech as purported by the phone number.Some bulbs have a "bi" feature that allows them to tilt , thus the same bulb does HI & LO beam. Also a shade over the lens comes into play for LO. Some bulbs have a halogen inserted into the base for the HI beam & the LO is the xenon bulb. Ballasts come in various sizes, thus some are easier to place on a MC. Some are said to be more weather & vibration resistant for a MC or offroad use. Some have longer wire leads for MC's while the car versions cause you to splice the short leads on a MC install. Then you have all the bulb colors to choose from if your into "being cool". Warranties are all over the map & often an extra charge for over a year.
    I did a search here but found not much & have done the google thing too-I would still like to see what others have experienced with the various kits out there?
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