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Thread: Better Web Browsing?

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    Better Web Browsing?

    Tired of junk ads and their loading slowing your web browsing or just want less of your personal stuff tracked by every site you visit and spread everywhere?

    Just replaced my usual search stuff with DuckDuckGo (https search engine without tracking reporting), added Do Not Track (limited utility due to voluntary aspect). I also use AdBlock. DDG recommended and used by Ed Snowden.

    First obvious benefit is speeding up some otherwise slow sites like bmwlt and even my ISPs webmail that serve a lot of ads.
    Search function also doesn't attempt to detect and feed your biases as others do, lets you search anonymously
    Other benefits make take longer to show.

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    I was having trouble with web pages functioning correctly on my ancient desktop computer with Windows XP and IE 8. For some web pages, I had to go to my new laptop to be able to accomplish tasks that required input.

    I tried Google Chrome, but it had a nasty tendency to crash my old computer.

    I am having good luck with Firefox: web pages don't hang, no crashes, and convenient features.

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    Firefox with Adblock Plus, DoNotTrackMe and Flagfox add-ons. Fast and secure.

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    Startpage is another search engine which does not track your browsing.
    They search through google, but no tracking.

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    Chrome works well for me on a Mac and other platforms (iPad, Android). Being able to easily share bookmarks, etc across platforms is nice. Adblock Plus is a necessity regardless of the browser. I also like a Flash blocker.
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