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Thread: Someplace to go ride for the holiday season.

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    Someplace to go ride for the holiday season.

    Hello everyone!

    My wife and I are new to riding and we would like to ask for some suggestions on a trip we are planning this Christmas holiday. We are looking to leave the bitter cold of KS behind and find someplace warm to ride and celebrate the holiday. My thoughts went to Southern CA, with the beautiful mountains and seaside highways. We are not experienced yet with riding on the off roads so we would be limited to pavement. Can anyone suggest some places to go for this adventure? My heart is not set on CA so any suggestions to someplace warm, away from the hustle bustle would be awesome. I appreciate the help! Take care and safe riding.

    Bruce "The Moose" S.
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    Hi Bruce " The Moose"

    There are lots warm places to ride but they are far South of you. You are going to be very cold if leaving from KS in December. Since you are new to riding, I'm just wondering if you and your wife have ridden in the Winter time. It's cold out there and anywhere North of Austin Texas is cold in the winter time. You would have to first get South of 30 degrees 16 minutes 22 seconds north latitude to find some warm weather in December. And if going out through the southern desert of New Mex. and Arizona you would still have to be bundled up pretty good in December. Now to get to your question. Southern California or Southern Florida would be nice places in the Winter time or Mexico would be even better.

    I lived in Whitewright, Texas (60 miles N. of Dallas) and worked in Dallas Texas in the 60's,70's 80's and rode 120 miles round trip summer and winter. Not all days were bad in the winter but enough were that I remember it wasn't any fun. I wore long handles under my clothes, a snowmobile suit and insulated boots in order to not freeze some days. It ain't no fun. Take a plane, train or automobile and your wife will still love ya after Christmas.

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