One of my RT windshield arms broke last summer on my way home from the Outer Banks, made for a long drive home leaning into the side that was still raised a little.... So after pricing the factory replacement set at over $200.00 I decided I wasn't going to pay that kind of money only to have them break again sooner or later. The material they are made out of, ( cast aluminum ), isn't made for the kind of stress that an aftermarket windshield will place on them.

My solution was to make an exact copy out of stainless steel and put the OEM German Teflon bushings on them, sprayed them flat black, and bingo, they will now officially outlive the bike...and probably me as well .

I got out the lazer cutter last weekend and made up 5 more pair, 3 for local members and an extra 2 pair for anyone else who might need them...just let me know.