Ok I know this request is pure "Science Fiction". A request that can only be fulfilled in another time and dimension but I'll make the wish anyway....

I would like to have a choice between having the 1st gear that I have now which IMHO is worthless for nothing but touring the grocery store parking lot looking for a parking spot. A pain to shift out of smoothly. Causing me to create a game to see if I can find the perfect snick scenario but can't because it is always changing...


A NEW IMPROVED 1st Gear Smooth and long all the way up to 6000rpm, a pleasure to shift smoothly up or down into, a joy at every traffic light, clunkless, a dream ratio

Ok there you have it - I just need a little switch that jumps a magic transition between the traditional 1st gear for parking lots and the new and improved SUPER 1st gear.

Hope everyone is having a great summer on their bikes. I wish I could have made the Rally this year.

Rock and Ride On!!!