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Thread: Front brake sticks

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    Front brake sticks

    Hi guys
    Got a 75/5 and the rear arm on the front brake sticks and the shoe drags, the front arm/cam rotates fine, the back one moves but stays put when I release the lever. is there a quick fix with nut blaster or wd40 or should I take it all apart and lube it up. What do you think

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    front brake

    Take it apart, clean, lube and reassemble. Index the arms on the pivot pins so that it goes back together correctly. Adjust as per manual. You'll be happy that you did correct service as opposed to a patch fix.

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    Keep in mind, that WD40 does not contain any lubrication.

    People think so, but I worked in a nationally-known factory and we tested it in our R & D department - no lube.

    One large (also nationally known factory) I later worked at, forbid its use as it would "wash" away existing grease on the huge plastic injection machines thus leaving the machine worse off than before. They wouldn't even allow it to be purchased or even in the plant (some 85 HUGE presses!).

    It's strong point is displacing moisture, AND the only lube is the fact that it can "soften" existing grease that may be there and "appear" to have lubed. I works great on door hinges, etc., where existing grease may be there, and on electrical components where you want to dispel the moisture, but not where lube is needed.

    LPS #2 works much better, but the best would be to dis-assemble, clean and re-grease properly.

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    And if you've already torn in to it without indexing the brake levers, read this ->

    and make one of these...

    in fact, read it anyway.
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    Brakes fixed

    Hey guys
    Thanks for the info. Trusted my instincts and pulled off the wheel and drum only. Left cable on and squeezed the hand lever and to my surprise the the front brake drum lever stayed put and the rear one moved easy, the opposite of when the wheel was on the drum. Did some reading and rotated the adjustment nut and that repositioned the levers to the Scotter's template. Squeezed hand lever
    after assembly and drum levers moved and released as they should. Went for a ride and the brakes are better than I ever remember. Love the /5's, small adjustments and big results.
    Thanks again

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    Great effort!

    I have a slash 5 and the brake is maybe better than the disc on my 1977 R100/7. Once they are setup they function very well. I took it apart and removed all the old dried grease, made sure all surfaces were very clean, applied new grease and did the adjustment as prior posters noted. Great result ! I rode the '73 and my son rode my '71 to the Salem Rally, we did about 1,200 miles, really fell in love with the slash 5 ! Glad you had positive results. Enjoy the hell out of her!
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