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Thread: Apparently My Superhero Skill Is the Ability to Make It Rain in West Virginia

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    Apparently My Superhero Skill Is the Ability to Make It Rain in West Virginia

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    Marion VA-In the middle of some of the best riding in the country.
    The rain here in the mountains has been almost every day this year. Even though the weather forecast changes frequently, it is still pretty much meaningless. The rain chance changes from mountain to mountain and valley to valley. I rode 50 miles the other day and went from rain to a dry road and back 3 or 4 times. We just prepare and ride.
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    One of my top three best ever rides was an all day ride on the BRP in constant rain. No traffic. Great traction. First time I ever scuffed the pegs on my Honda CB400T and I found it totally drama free but a whole lot of fun.

    Stay home when it rains and you will miss a lot of great riding.
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    This past week, had I stayed home instead of riding through a rain, I would have missed a terrific time at the Aerostich Very Boring Rally 3. I remember in Nate Silver's book, "The Signal and the Noise", the further out the weather forecast, the less reliable it is. Although I didn't need the book to tell me that.
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    Your luck with rain sounds about like mine. I have been through Shelby, NC on the motorcycle three times and each time it has rained.

    Every motorcycle touring trip I have been on, with one exception, it has rained. Usually it rains on the first day my friends and I start out from our meeting place in Hillsborough, NC. We don't pack rain suits just in case, "it will rain," we pack them for "when it will inevitably rain."

    In fact, we had so much rain at the Burlington, VT rally a few years ago, that I had customized polo shirts made for us with a picture of a motorcycle and a black cloud over it, drizzling rain and the caption says, "Rain Riders."

    At least we don't get as much rain as Europe. They have two rainy months, April and November. When I was stationed in Germany with with the Seventh Army, it rained 18 days and nights without ceasing in April, 1964. I thought we should perhaps build an ark.

    I commend the folks who live in the mountains or in Seattle.

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    All rides are good......

    Just some are better than others
    - a rainy day is an opportunity to explore your riding skill and ability - to ride with a little fear in order to get comfortable with being a little uncomfortable. To use the day as a way to look at your riding through new eyes.

    Some of my most memorable rides have been in 'interesting' weather - I look back and smile.

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