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Thread: 1977 R100: rear brake hub-cam stuck

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    1977 R100: rear brake hub-cam stuck

    The bike: 1977 R100
    I just picked up this bike and for the price I did not take to close a look at much more than the Vin# on the frame and title, making sure they matched.
    The rear brake have the cam that passes through the final drive housing and I have never had an issue with one not wanting to move. Frozen! I have just began some Kroil penetrating oil on both the inside and outside. My question is: is the cam piece screwed on or pressed on to the shaft?
    Here is the shaft number I am speaking of: 35 21 1 230 261 REAR BRAKE CAM (to 09/80), (courtesy of Max BMW) and here is the picture just in case I did not describe the piece well. With a 12 inch adjustable wrench you can barely turn the shaft.
    I just finished a topend reseal and general cleaning of the bike, very very greasy/oily mess. I pulled off the oil pan just to see what may be living in there, and I lucked out, barely a discolored coat of oil, not black as I expected, so, I am assuming maybe the guy actually changed the oil on a regular basis but cared less about the oil dripping out of the push rod tubes, dripping is being nice!
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