Both TPMS sensors went bad on my '07 RT. Waiting until tire replacement, I just installed a new front tire and front TPMS sensor, using a friends 911 program. I can now see the front tire pressure, with no error lights on the dash, but only for about 15-20 minutes of ride time. Then, the TPMS yellow triangle warning light comes on and front tire pressure disappears from the dash, so that I'm back to --/--, indicating no sensor, front or rear. If I pull over, stop the engine with the key, then re-start the engine, I'm good for another 15-20 minutes of normal front tire TPMS display. Does this sound like normal operation? Or should I be seeing the front pressure all the time and '--' for rear pressure, since the battery is dead on that rear sensor?
(Wondering why I didn't replace both tires, both sensors at the same time? Answer: The Budget! Rear tire wear-bars are visible, no immediate replacement need after 12K+ miles, but the front Pilot Road 3's needed replacement after 12,300 miles! New rear tire next month, perhaps.)