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Thread: F650 GS Handle Bar Configuration

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    F650 GS Handle Bar Configuration

    I have a right shoulder that needs surgerical repairing...too much baseball!
    Nevertheless...I continue to ride through the pain. Is there a set of handlebars and/or risers that would be more comfortable than the standard B.M.W. stock equipment? When riding, my arms are almost straight and quite distant from my torso. Something lower and more inward might work better?
    Would appreciate your collective input.
    Thank you in advance.


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    Get a pair of ROX risers - then rotate the risers rearward and downward with the stock bars mounted.

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    Adding to what Paul mentioned- The ones for the 650 are different than the ones I put on my F800 due to the 650 having smaller diameter bars.

    With the link-

    Good luck.
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