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Thread: 1985 R80 luggage mounts

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    1985 R80 luggage mounts

    Hello All,

    I have a question about the Z-style side case brackets for slightly newer bikes. Will they fit my 85 R80?, I think they are from 89-90 era. below is a pic of the z-style. I already have the original style for the krauser classic type cases. Just looking for other options besides Really expensive cases. Over here in Germany, I can get newer BMW cases fairly cheap.
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    Well, you've got an extra hole for starters!!

    I can't tell from the photo if they will fit or not, but the stock OEM bag mounts on my bike
    have the two bolts under the seat and one bolt on the lower frame. The ones in the pic
    seem to have two holes to secure to the lower frame. Still might fit (just using one hole),
    but it sure isn't a drop in replacment.

    Short of holding them up against the bike, I'd vote no.
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    Don't know if this will help or not, but I had a used 88 R100RS that should had that type of bag mounts for the newer streamlined bags, but it had the second generation square bags from an earlier bike, they fit fine. Also, a friend with a 78 R100 has the newer, streamlined bags on his bike with modified Z mounts. I do believe he had some problem though, because one of them melted because it was too close to the muffler.

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