Guys and Gals:

I really do like the R11GS (Big Red)I bought about a month ago...At first I thought the stock screen was going to be fine.Now I am not so sure. The other beast in the stable is a R1100RT with the BMW sport screen on it. That combo is really good for that bike. Now I know I will never make a GS into a RT comfort wise...I can live with that. But the my GS is not fun on the 4 lane.At higher speeds Big Red kinda fights back!! 2 lane blasting is super of course. But the slab riding well,kinda sucks compared to the RT. How did you folks with a GS make it work for all day riding???? My specs and the bike specs:
6"2" 260 pounds
GS has a Corbin saddle and the OEM one. A set of engine crash bars with no highway pegs yet.

The BMW buzz on this bike is a lot more pronounced than the RT. I figure it's the gearing in the tranny,dirt bike styled foot pegs and the corbin seat. The RT has a Russel on it so I am spoiled in that sense.
Bike has a recent valve adjust,TB cleaning and sync with a twinmax. And a fresh set of 3923 Autolights in her. Bike has 54k on it.

Any thoughts or comments please???