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    Alaska, Top of the World;

    I finally made my adventure happen to Arctic Ocean on GA1200'07. She is at 108000m now and purring as new. This ride was harsh on bike, as conditions up their in the far north are such. This is leaving Pruhdoe Bay in the morning hours, 50+ mph winds and rain just south of me. It lasted for half of the day riding south to Fairbank. A 14 hour ride. Most riders stop at Coldfoot, midway and rest for the night. Night does not happen up here, stay daylight, therefore I came to do what I do, RIDE. I did it north and south, rode straight thru. I took many breaks. My overnight was at the Pruhdoe Bay Inn, arriving there at 1130PM.. Still full daylight. The rooms there are nice, I had NO reservation and 150$ gets you a room and 24 hour cafeteria, food(all meals) included with room and its GOOD chow. Reserves are neat idea if youre so inclined, BUT you don't know the conditions of road going in and even if youre going to make it!!! They got me into a room, no issues. I rode north in 13 hours and south in a tad longer 14 hours, worse conditions in more rain. Fairbanks takes their carwashes serious, with HOT water power washes for what they drive in regularly. YOU'LL need it once back in Fairbanks. Get over the power wash fear thing you may have been told all you biker life. Your bike will look as if a cement truck dumped its load right on top of it!!! Car wash required. My riding gear too. I wont go back, but found the adventure very inspiring and a must see. I WILL go back and do the Dempster Hwy in NWT Canada. Then I will be done with my Arctic rides for now. Goose Bay becons in years to come, Labrador Canada. Randy
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