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Thread: R65LS Restoration-Valve adjust & emblems

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    R65LS Restoration-Valve adjust & emblems

    I managed to get the barrels and heads installed on my '82 R65LS without a major disaster. As simple as the valve procedure seemed based on the Clymer manual, I found adjusting the valves to be a bit of a struggle. As hard as I peered into that little dark hole, I was unable to spot any type of mark that signified TDC on the compression stroke. Is there a trick to this procedure? Can I use the allen screw on the alternator to turn the engine or should I stick with the rear wheel? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    All my painted pieces are finished and I need to install three shiny new roundels. It appears that under the paper on the back there is an adhesive-backed rubber coating. Is this adhesive adequate to secure the emblems to the tank and tail piece or should I use an automotive emblem adhesive?

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    It's O.K. to use the allen wrench in the alternator. Make sure which way the motor turns when running. Put the thumb of one hand over a spark plug hole and turn the motor with the other hand. On the compression stroke, the thumb will be pushed aside. In fact, since the valves are closed on the power stroke, turning the motor backwards should displace your thumb also. If you are finding TDC this way, you should be able to see the piston in the spark plug hole when it is at the top. Use a flashlight if necessary.If the valve train is not yet assembled. Put both sides together and set clearances. since both pistons are at TDC the same instant, one side would be transitioning compression to power stroke and the other would transitioning exhaust to intake stroke. A few more turns of the motor should allow you to determine which side is doing what and make final adjustments accordingly.

    The adhesive on your new emblems should be quite sufficient to hold.

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    The marks on the flywheel are straight down the hole, If you are behind the hole, turning the rear wheel, and looking down the hole at an angle you will miss it. Once you find the marks you can put a drop of paint, on the side of the flywheel tooth to mark the vicinity of the timing mark

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    >Is there a trick to this procedure?

    Yes, don't use the rear wheel. The SECOND time I did it, I started the bike and put a bit of "Scotchbrite?" on the end of a tiny vice grip and ran it along the edge of the flywheel. It cleaned the flywheel up everywhere BUT the timing marks, which made them REALLY easy to spot. I also use a single led pen light which helps enormously.

    >Can I use the allen screw on the alternator to turn the engine or should I stick with the rear wheel?

    Yes, but make SURE you take it out before you fire it up to check your handywork! DOH! I found it nearly impossible to consistently line up TDC with the rear wheel.

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    Is the R65 different than a r100 because mine says OT not TDC?

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