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Thread: Questions about my Garmin Zumo 550

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    Questions about my Garmin Zumo 550

    Without going into some other menu while riding;

    Is there a way to display the current time?


    Is there a way to display the total miles remaining?

    What I see displayed on the main screen during a route is my estimated time of arrival and how many miles remain until my next turn, both of which are data points for separate lines - there is no way for me to know at what percent I am into a particular trip.

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    Yes there is a way.
    I am going from memory here, but I know it will do it.

    I think you hit the third button down from the left--the one with the square in it, and then scroll ("more") through until you see what you want.
    I think that's it, but am readying for a ride now and will play with it.

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    Yep, that's it...when you are in your route, from the map screen hit the "magic" button, the one with the square cutout, third from top (it does a lot of things), and a graphic will come up showing among other things, the miles to your destination


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    Thanks for the tip. I honestly never pressed that button.

    I was wondering if there was a way to display the time/distance on the main screen.. so it's always visible.

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    on the "map" screen, just the time to arrival. Another secret to me was the discovery that tapping the top bar on the screen shows a list of upcoming turns and tapping one will show the map of same.

    I call that thrid from top button the magic button because it is really a multifunction navigation button. Also, when it's in the car and my wife is doing the navigation it is far easier to say magic button than third from the top on the left every time. I have filled in the square with yellow pain to more easily see and hit it.

    If you listen to music, and you are on map, tap it three times and your music screen will come up.
    Almost from any screen, pushing it will bring you back to map, but depending where you are you may have to hit it 2x. There is sometimes a little lag in its response

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