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Thread: 73 R75/5 Oil Plug

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    73 R75/5 Oil Plug

    Is the engine oil drain plug on this model M18x1.5x12 or M14 1.5x12? Trans and final drive should be M 14x1.5x12, correct? Just a bit confused as I ordered new drain plugs and all three that were sent are M14x1.5x12. I am also going to use Rotella 15W40 oil in the crankcase. Any of you learned hedz have an issue with that and why? Also any brand recommendations for 80/90 hypoid gear oil in the trans and final drive. Sorry, not trying to start another oil thread, just seeking suggestions!
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    According to RealOEM, the oil pan plug is M18x1.5:

    It does appear that the other two drain plugs are M14x1.5.

    Any good quality GL5 80w90 will be good for the drive train. The March 2013 ON had an article showing test results for a range of oils. Rotella T 15w40 was one of them. In most situations, you really want a 20w50 oil. Both weights (the 15 and the 40) of the Rotella are a little low unless you're operating in a very cool to cold climate all the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kjmcd13 View Post
    Also any brand recommendations for 80/90 hypoid gear oil in the trans and final drive.
    Castrol....because some of the gurus say so (Tom Cutter amongst others) and its not a prissy boutique product, you
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