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Post a pic of the key, someone might have a match. IRRC, they're the same as the luggage keys......
The key I have for the Vetter top box was just some random key I found that happened to work if I wiggled it enough. It's marked C415A.

I just confirmed again that it will not open the pocket on the Vetter fairing, apparently marked GB312.

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Those look like the kind of bikes I was getting pictures of down here in Central Texas a couple years ago. I posted that I wanted to trade my Triumph America for an Airhead. Ended up getting a beautiful bike, but it was the diamond in the rough patch of replies.
For my "truly sad craigslist" find, the guy was asking $3500. I told him what he had and offered $500. He said someone in Texas was going to drive up and give him $4200. I told him to take that offer. Now.

He called back a couple days later and the deal was struck.

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As a matter of fact, I might have a set of keys from my old Samsonites?....I'll look around.
Very cool. I can't find any markings on the locks, but just to refresh your memory:

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Hey Nathan, you might be able to get half of that back, by selling the fairing and top box!
I've actually done quite well selling fairings in the past. This is really a nice looking set of Vetter fairing, Vetter top box, Samsonite luggage, and the associated mounts.. but they're not my style. I would love to get half my money back out of it by selling these!

Now back to your regularly scheduled thread..