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Thread: Unusual Left Turn Incident

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    Angry Felt Road Rage

    I came the closest I have ever felt road rage last week in St.Catharines Ontario.

    I was in the let lane of a 4 lane road doing the speed limit beside a Chevy Impala,
    I was even with the drivers door when I saw the left turn signal flash and I hit my horn twice.
    The driver started to move into my lane and I layed on the horn to his open window,
    still he came over forcing me into the opposing lane. Fortunately there was no traffic coming
    so I yelled at the driver a 75 - 80 year old man. I think I said "you are #***#%& going to kill someone"
    I just got a blank stare from him, better judgement took me over and I accelerated away from the idiot.

    The loud horns on my RS must have been deafening, unless he didn't have his hearing aid turned on?

    That's why I like riding out in the country, the tractors move more slowly!
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    One day last year I was riding home from a 100 mile ride to nowhere in particular, it's afternoon on a sunny day, I'm about 4 blocks from home and it's a local road 25MPH, I'm in the middle of the block and a car coming from the opposite direction turns left into a driveway like I'm not there. It was an immaculate approx 1978 Chevrolet station wagon. I leaned on the horn while braking and stopped in front of his house. A man that looked to be- no kidding- 90 to 100 years old got out of the car, and I yelled at him : "You're going to kill somebody!" We were only about 30 or 40 feet apart and he slowly walked toward the front door of the home, completely deaf to my screaming voice. They will drive until they kill somebody, THEN the state may act and take away their license.
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