I just picked up a very clean almost all original 1982 R100rs with 26,000 original miles.
I also have a 1985 K100rs.
I have years of previous experience with another K100rs, also 1985 and a previously owned 1981 R100rs.
I felt very fortunate to have found this beautiful R100rs. It does have some mods, but nothing major. It has progressive front springs & Koni rears. Also has a Brown side stand.
It has been many years since I had my first R100rs....but I don't remember that it was THIS difficult to operate the center stand. It is a HUGE heft to get it up and almost impossible to over center it to get it down. Obviously, I can weld up the stops to make it stay closer to the over center point when up.
I understand that this is a common complaint on this model.
I'm intending on replacing it with a Reynolds ride off stand although I won't be riding off it.
I have searched and searched trying to find a list of original part numbers for the Reynolds stand. I currently have a bid in at Ebay for one listed as 81-84. It's a 328. In searching the flea market here, I find a member is advertising a 338 for this application.
Can anyone here tell me which is correct????
Thanks, Regards, Ibjman