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Thread: New computer laptop:)

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    New computer laptop:)

    Yall know me perhaps, behind the computer world curve a tad! Just got my new age laptop for gsa1200 carry along. An 11.5" unit from HP, with ALL the latest gadgets and whistles added to give me power to run GoPro and all the video I do. Touch screen is way cool, never been here before either. Its small enough to carry inside saddlebag with protective cover by Thule and I cannot wait to play, learning now as I type on it. Im older in my 60s, still riding hard and wanting my laptop to bring me new life to all my adventures. I am adding my most recent Alaska, top of the world data into this computer now, see how I manage the system. Ill try to share as I get situated. Randy PS; Ian, I am trying, LOL

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    I see you found the smiley key. Sounds like you're having fun with a great new gadget. Enjoy!
    Mark M, St. Louis, '13 R1200GS

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