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Thread: Go west young man.

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    Go west young man.

    Haven't had a vacation in 4 years so I am taking 6 weeks now. Bought a R1150GS Adventure in Nov, got my license in Feb, and I've put 9,000 miles on it since. Love this bike so we are going to ride as many great roads as I can find until I have to be in Las Vegas at the end of Sept.DSC_0024.jpg
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    There you go! Have a great time. A lot of the members like to have their Anonymous Book with them.
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    Visit Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Some of the best riding anywhere. If you have your passport with you, then consider the Lake District of BC (Nakusp, Balfour, Kelso and Revelstoke).
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    Congratulations! If you're heading to Denver, let me know and I'd be happy to share some great roads/tips. Travel safe. Nice bike!
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    Re: Go West Young Man

    GO WEST YOUNG MAN GO WEST. That phrase was coined by Horace Greely. A man named Nathan Meeker led a group to Colorado and founded the town of Greely for Horace Greely. There is a Meeker Museum in Greely. Nathan Meeker later became an Indian agent out in Western Colorado at the White River Indian Reservation. He tried to make farmers out of the Utes but they got mad at him and drug him behind a horse and killed him. They killed the men and took the women and children captive. The town of Meeker Colorado in on that site now. My mother's maiden name is Meeker and Nathan was one of her ancestors. I have ridden through Meeker and it is a beautiful ride. Check it out on your ride west.
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    I am spending 3 weeks riding around SD, WY, MT, and UT before heading to Vegas for a trade show. No schedule so I can stay somewhere if I want, or change plans if the mood hits me. A friend loaned me his Butler maps so my only guide is, that looks like a fun road. Going to the MN state fair today then on the road again.

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