Hi folks, I?ve got a nice-running 74 R90/6 that makes an engine chirp
I do not have another airhead to compare this to, but it does not seem normal.
This bike has done this as long as I have owned it (about 2 years) and only when it is warmed up. When the bike is warm, it chirps, and the sound persists for as long as you ride it.
The noise is most obvious (easiest to hear) at idle, especially right as you kill the engine. It will do this in gear and in neutral.
The bike has about 40,000 miles (but not sure if the odo is accurate for actual miles on the bike). Engine has BMW 20/50, and I live in Texas.
I made a video of the sound this morning. Bike was idling, I revved the engine, then let it idle and killed it.

Anybody seen something like this?
Any advice on whether or not to do something about it?
Thanks so much