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Thread: 1997 gs 1100, my next ''adventure'' bike, info please.

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    1997 gs 1100, my next ''adventure'' bike, info please.

    Hello everyone,

    As much as I like my k16gt, I find some shortcomings with it when I want to do gravel road. I can occasionnaly ride them but I feel I abuse this bike. I was looking for a gs and saw an add about a 1997 gs at 78000klm with a fait price.

    I will go have a look at the bike and test ride it. I have had a few bmw in the past, but just to be on the safe side, what should I look for on this particular model?? The guy told me he experienced some hiccups near 4000rpms and thought it is fuel filter related, since the bike just had it's service done.

    Also, I intend to use the gs 1100 mainly for off pavement duty. Is it adequat for off roading? I know it will not tolerate well single track, but what about adventure riding?

    Thanks for any inuts.
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    The 1100 is a wonderful

    adventure bike. A bit old school, but a lot of people think that they were the best of the GS's.

    Dont know why it may have an issue at 4000 rpms though.

    A few things to look out for.

    1) hard parts - used to strengthen the footpeg mounts to the motor/transmission. a MUST for off-road riding, but not too expensive to add.

    2. SS brake lines. Especially on a bike that is 16 years old. The rubber ones degrade and can cause serious issues.

    3. Check the shifting on the transmission. I think that the '97 had the older version. Second to third can become an issue. But again, not a huge problem. Although all of the R1100's do tend to sound like a box of rocks when shifting.

    4. if over loaded, the rear rack can break. This is rare, but something to take a look at.

    Other than that, if it rides good and has been well taken care of; buy it!

    And yes, i have one too.
    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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