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Thread: 1971 R75/5: Pushrod tube replacement. Is this sealant ok to use?

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    1971 R75/5: Pushrod tube replacement. Is this sealant ok to use?

    I am about to do a pushrod tube replacement on my 1971 R75/5 with the SoCal airheads group.

    I went to buy parts for the job and Irv Seaver BMW (orange county) mentioned they could no longer get Drei-Bond in stock. They said that they had the following available:

    1216 SUZUKI SILICONE 120G Part Number: 99104-31160

    Does anyone know if this sealant is ok to use? Is it tested/good/ok? I dont want to use this stuff and find out my engine leaks because of the silicone sealant material.

    Hope you guys can help.

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    Haven't really heard of that. I've heard the following mentioned on the Airlist email list:

    - Yamabond 4, Suzuki Bond 1207, Kawasaki Bond
    - Permatex Ultra Gray (I just used on my /7 top end work)
    - Driebond 1215

    From some of the readings, it seemed like the 1216 product is something a gasket replacement item, like using it as a replacement for the oil pan gasket. So, maybe this is a product to use for the cylinder should never be used to replace a gasket where called also is put on very thin.

    I chose the Permatex because it was available at just about any auto parts store...recommended by Ted Porter.
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    Bob's BMW sold me the Ultra Grey as a replacement for DreiBond for my /7 cylinder resealing last weekend.

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