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Thread: 2002 R1150RT ABS Problems

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    2002 R1150RT ABS Problems

    2002 R1150RT

    ABS problem.

    Started engine, backed out of parking space. ABS warning flashing as usual. (Always does for 15' per manual)
    Was steep so had to really clamp front brake to stop since ABS wasn't on yet. As I stopped ABS kicked in so snapped to a stop.
    Put in gear and took off, ABS light flashing, no brake boost, takes a great deal of force to get brakes to work.

    Park for an hour, put in gear, take off, ABS light flashing but have brake boost.

    Ride 30 miles, stop, restart, all OK then light comes on again.

    As a test, turn off and restart engine. Everything normal.

    Any ideas?

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    Since everythig is back to normal I wouldn't even think anymore about it. By your description, the front brake was applied hard before the ABS could run it's final check before activating the system. When you rolled back and applied the front brake, my guess is the front wheel somewhat "locked" when the ABS was still in system check mode. It defaulted to a soft-fail, waiting for correct system inputs before resetting.

    The brake-boost issue is a result of the Powered Servo-Brakes, when the ABS goes into fail mode it normally should not affect normal braking. Perhaps you applied the one sequence of events that cause the ABS to also shut down the boost.
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    Thanks for the input Mr Cheesehead. Will monitor. Easier than working on it.

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