One of 'em anyways. Ive known Rocky and even his Brother, Rick for a long time. All good. I know they have been at odd's over the years. No more on that. My Rocky seat is finally torn due to my abuse, after 5 years and 108000m on the GSA1200 and recent trip to Arctic Ocean even finished it off to my liking. So, I go south again in two days to see my Friend Rocky again to recover a nice seat. Saw him in Salem at rally and he fitted my Kids and their recent new F800/F700 GSs into his build schedule at rally, NICE touch with that schedule!!! I think y'all may know seats made at a rally is RARE and a near impossible task to maintain ones sanity as a vendor. Ol Rocky(and crew) made it thru, tough as he is. I'm certain many other vendors know the feeling as well, sure appreciated from us buyers. My Kids got lucky to have seats made in Salem. So few were! I am an avid offroad GSA guy and give my equipment the works in abuse at times, so my 5 year run on this Rocky seat has been really good and I "atta boy" a guy and his crew that does good work. Being an elder MOA guy, I know the stories are wide and far about who makes best products for all us riders. I have been blessed to have good vendors as in ROCKY Mayer doing my work and keeping my arse whole. Ive also got an Airhead seat his DAD built, BILL Mayer and its arguably still my best seat ever. No dishing my Friend Rocky, the Dad was KING and a legend when we all needed one to make us comfy. The Mayer Family lives and glad I know them.... Randy"Polarbear"