I just sold my CLC, the real reason might just be the 3.5 gallon tank. Yep it was a bitch at slow speed, and the seat was not the best for long rides any way. It had many very nice features, but it was sooooo heavy at slow speeds and righting to ride, my knees told me this at every start. The CLC could of been a very nice ride if BMW did a few things better.

Long ago decided I would never own a chain drive motorcycle again, and that is what really killed the F- for me. Yep a 2000+ RT available, and it is a very nice bike, K's are out. RT's with low mileage are hard too find and if you do, it could be well over 12k.

So what to do, how about a 2010 Honda NT700V, and for $6993. You get a nice shaft drive 680cc motorcycle with large bags (larger lids added), top case, heated grips (added), and low seat height. With 2K on the clock, add a few things and still have a not all that much in a motorcycle to take you many miles. Again a low volume bike, but a very large network of dealers.

I put about 2,000 miles so far on this NT. It is a great bike, most likely Honda did use BMW as it's mold.
It has almost everything I want, so this NT and my 84 R100RT will be my bikes for the last years I ride.
It could us a 6th gear, and a roundel.