I have a 1979 R90/6 with 100,000 mi and this is the 2nd time I have had this spring problem--trans stuck in 2nd gear and will not shift. The last time the spring broke, it was about 20 years ago at amost 50,000 mi. The last time I removed the trains and delivered to a dealer to fix at about $450 back then. The price is $575 now and I'd like to tackle it myself this time. I have the Sep 03 Gary Smith ON repair article and a repair manual, but I'm lacking the special tools (nut puller and nut screw) to remove the drive flange nut and flange. If anyone has these rarely used tools and wouldn't mind renting or lending them, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Any advice on doing this job would be appreciated as well. My name is Richard and my email is Nostlgiagifts@yahoo.com, phone: 321-254-2933--Cheers!