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Thread: aeroflow vs lee bailey's vs parabellum for 2005 R1200RT

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    aeroflow vs lee bailey's vs parabellum for 2005 R1200RT

    I would like some feedback on users of any of these 3 replacement windscreens. The stock one is very poor. So I want to replace it with a front screen that is less noisy and actually deflects the rain.

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    Can't speak to the others, but, I have an Aeroflow on my '11 RT and couldn't be happier. Works well, hasn't effected fuel mileage and plain works.

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    If that's what you're looking for, then you shouldn't discount to Cal-Sci windshield.
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    check your PMs...

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    I like my Cee Bailey +2" with Euro cut for laminar lift.
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    If it's anything like the engineering in their R1150GS model...

    I'd take the AeroFlow hands down. But, that's just my experience, and it isn't on an RRT, but an R1150GS.

    Just a little background, despite the model differences. I know it speaks only to the design quality.

    I have had a stock GS, Parabellum, Cee Bailey, and AeroFlow on the same GS. The Parabellum was huge, and worse than stock in every way. The Cee Bailey was only a marginal improvement. I disliked the Parabellum so much, that I eventually went back to the stock GS shield, and it was better, though smaller.

    Then I got an AeroFlow 3 piece for the GS. It is pretty big, and I expected gas mileage to go way down. It went up about 4-5 mpg. My buddy John Ryan has ridden it before and after the AeroFlow,and says it's a whole new, and a much better motorcycle with the AF. Basically, it gives me a high and wide sweet spot for me and my helmet, and is much better in quartering crosswinds than stock or the Parabellum (which I found really nasty in crosswinds).

    Just one man's view...

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    JIMSHAW is correct when it comes to the Aeroflow in the GS which is a totally different bike than your R1200RT. I have a 2010 R1200RT and got the Cee Bailey with the recurve top lip. They ask you what your height is when you order one so you can fit the height of the windshield to match yours. They also use aircraft grade material which is head and shoulders above stock as far as quality is concerned. Being a professional pilot for 45 years I have looked through a lot of plastic and can tell you that aircraft grade is a lot easier to care for and lasts long. And by the way, I am well satisfied with the aero dynamics of the Cee Bailey.
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