I am a newbie BMW owner. I got a hand me down 75 R90 /6. I put some money into it, rebuilt the carbs, joined the Airheads Beemer Club, and have it to this day. A few months ago I went out to buy a new bike. I went straight to BMW. Why? IT FEELS LIKE FAMILY. I bought the new Rockster. The first one to own it in my town. I have been looking forward to a rally to enjoy the knowledge and camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts. So far, I think I am the youngest owner of a new BMW, even at 30! I am somewhat disappointed however at the complaints on where the rally is and how they (complainers) want the whole thing handed to them on a platter. The whole point is to ride and be with family.
I'll definitely be at Spokane. My wife and I will be riding from San Diego. In the eloquent words of Stimpy "I am so excited I can hardly contain myself"