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Thread: Vario top case lock help

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    Vario top case lock help

    My top case had stopped locking. I have found after taking the mechanism cover off the red shaft is twisting in the middle instead of sliding the lever across on the bottom. I removed the rod and locked it manually and the mechanism didnt seem to be in any sort of bind. I only needed for backrest support on my last ride for my wife but have a long trip comming up in three weeks and this case will be loaded making digging for the slide a problem. Anyone know what could be casuing this or where I can get another shaft. I have thought of twisting this shaft until it looks straight again or a little beyond straight and leaving it for a vew days to see if it would work again. Seems this piece should have been made of aluminum or steel.

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    The red (a reflective red orange locking bar on cases I've had) thingy you refer to is alu on cases I've had & if it was bent , then perhaps the slot in it is not "tight" on the shaft(wallowed out?) that turns it? Just a guess from having mine bent on a sidecase when the buggerman tried to get in it one night...
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